Hi there!

This is my blog :)

For starters, I’ve mostly just transferred some of my posts from other social platforms. Mostly from my tumblr page. I write about 1 blog post per year.

About me

My name is Kalle. A young’ish back-end developer from the eastern archipelago of Sweden.

What’s this blog about

Mostly personal stuff I come across. Either knowledge I want to share (in form of guides) or experiences I want to share (usually in form of rants).

Expect content related to the following areas:

  • Hobby programming projects (see #devlog)
  • Work related rants (see #rant)
  • Or anything else relating: C#, F#, .NET, Go, PHP, Lua, ComputerCraft… I.e. random programming “stuff”… (see #programming)

This blog was previously hosted at https://blog.jillejr.tech, but I was running a self-hosted version of WriteFreely. The Fediverse integration was cool, but not that great. It also was a hassle to self-host.

Now the blog is instead written in Astro, and hosted on GitHub Pages.

Find me online

Code forges:

Social networks:


If you’re just looking around, you can probably find me under one of the following names:

  • jilleJr
  • applejag
  • Kalle Fagerberg

Formerly known as:

  • Kalle Jillheden

Have a great day :)