Hiding my blog?

It’s an interesting concept. The more I hide it, the less restrictions I have on when writing for it. Even when I think I don’t have any restrictions.

I’d like to just post from my heart, but when all you (me) who’s reading this could be anyme, then is there a chance I will get hurt?

Scott Siskind

I read this great blog post by Scott Siskind, “Still Alive” (Jan 21, 2021, https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/still-alive). A famous blogger who always finds a way to write his blog posts in such a sophisticated and beautiful manner. The years of blogging experience really shows.

In Siskinds post he talks about how his blog gained traction, and how he had been using his real life name in it. The result was that when he was looking for jobs, the interviewers had looked him up, found his blog posts, and rejected his application just thereof. They don’t want to employ someone who is blogging, as that was deemed unprofessional.

He was also working as a psychiatrist, which isn’t really the best job to combine with blogging, as Siskind also talks about. Quite very bad actually.

Does this apply to me?

Am I putting my job in danger because I blog about it?

Well, my work place actually has a very clear code of conduct which clearly states that I am actually not allowed to blog about activities going on over at my work place, without the approval of my closest “leader”/boss.

In the programming buisness, blogging is actually encouraged. As long as it’s somewhat serious. Though, do I want to put myself up to that standard.

Call me flimsy, please

Look, I don’t like the serious tone of work. As long as I can take it serious when I need to, then I’ll not hold myself up to any standards when I’m not required to.

I like reading blog posts by people who go somewhat off the rail. Why not crack a joke in the middle of a programming guide? I love that.

You don’t have to like anyone, and less than that you don’t have to like someones content. But I want to like my content. So, as the famous prickley muffin once said:

Vacuum a male genitile, as I categorize you as an inadequately studied pile of manure.


(Cover photo by Sora Shimazaki)