Making a compiler (ep 10) Ʉɳïʗʘḍℇ identifier names

+141 additions, -6 deletions, 5 files changed, 4 hours. Easily my quickest PR so far.

Sometimes you can feel the tingle of “hey, you know that’s probably done already 201395 times before, probably much better too” but keep on doing it anyways…

Exactly that feeling is what I got when I just now produced this list:

Butt hay! With quite the minimal amount of code, I got the compiler to be able to in a nice way tidy up identifier names, since G1ANT doesn’t allow any [^a-zA-Z0-9_] characters in their identifiers.

And pffffffffffft, no why would I just remove the special characters? What’s the fun it THAT?!

Anypoop here’s a monitordumP of the results

Unicode to ASCII normalization unit test

And also, now it sees these two variables are different but the generated name is altered to avoid conflict:

Variable name conflict resolving


Sleep cabin, lads!

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