Making a compiler (ep 6) Parsing unaries

Not only the lazyness of me implementing this but also about posting this. I try to keep up to date with myself but this shitpost has fallen a week after due the pull request was merged.

The ruckus new feature is what to be expected as one of the simplest of things.

It’s negative numbers.

Twenty7seven days since the start of the project. Waaaay to long if I ask me.

I’m usually against negativity, so therefore I didn’t want to add this feature. But with a hard argument with the b0ss and numerous angry users (me, me, & me), I ended up adding it anywayssss. Oh me people.

Chowever, the way I implemented this mess, it made me quite easily add the use of post- and prefix operations (++x, x++)

Prefix & postfix operations compilations unit tests

Dig those trenching tests yao, they passed the ball of fortune in yo uterus!

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats all for this tumblrpoop. Yappio claptraps!

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