Making a compiler (ep 9) Adding while-loops be eaASY

This was a feature I didn’t add because I just imagined it would be done in an hour or so.

Oh how I was wrong. It took me FULL 90 MINUTES!

What took the most time was writing all those stupid unit tests. Implementing if-else, while, and do-while was arguably the easiest thing I’ve added. With my UNQUESTIONABLY SENSATIONALISTIC CODE BASE it was added in a jiffy. 🍆✊💦

while-loop compilation

That right there ^ was like, echo conditional jump, echo codeblock, echo label, DDdddDDONE!

Also, check out this sicc™ mini optimization:

optimized while-loop with empty block

Which in turns combined with a prefix operator makes this little loop super cool:

while-loop with prefix operator

I should reaaaally make a roadmap for planned features tho… I’m starting to procrastinate,,, which is bhaaaad. Like I really need to implement that variable type check, but it’s such a big hurdle D:::

Go nail yo’shelf,,,´,,,,,


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