Migrated my blog! (again)

Moving from basic Tumblr, to Fediverse-powered Write-Freely, and now to Astro on GitHub pages.

Moving all of my posts has been a very tedious and manual process. And while doing so, I’ve noticed that I mostly blog around new-year. Most posts are around Nov - Mar. Curious!

Astro + Skeleton

My latest experiment has been to use Astro for my blog. And as for styling, I went with Skeleton, which in hindsight is a very weird choice as that’s a UI library to build apps with…

But I like the setup. And it’s hosted by GitHub pages, but its just some statically generated HTML files so it can live wherever.

This post here is the first original post in this new setup. If anyone’s curious, it’s hosted over my’ere: https://github.com/applejag/applejag.eu

(Cover photo by Homero Esparza Guillen)